delivery access

Can't get out of the house or just feeling a bit under the weather? No worries! We can deliver your prescription to you! Just another service we offer to keep our patients satisfied!


refill and new medicine pick up

Tired of long lines and waiting hours for your medicine? If so, come to Family Drug! We are known for our fast refills and attentive workers! You will leave with a smile!


location options

Did you fill your script at Carterville and need a refill while you're in Carbondale?  No worries! With our multiple locations and shared computer files in Herrin, Carterville, and Carbondale we make getting refills and prescriptions easy!

Next Steps...

Call us at Carbondale (618) 529-5351 or Carterville 618) 985-2441

Carbondale- Monday-Friday 8:30-6 and Saturdays 9:00-1:00. Closed Sundays.

Carterville- Monday-Friday 8:30-7 and Saturdays 9:00-1:00. Closed Sundays.