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2021/2022 Vaccines

Getting your Vaccines does not have to be inconvenient.  We have streamlined the process so you can be in and out in the safest and most efficient way possible.  Just follow the steps below and rest easy that you will receive the best care available.

1. Schedule

Schedule your appointment at the location of your choice HERE

2. Consent

On the day of your appointment answer the questions and sign our consent form HERE

3. Arrive

At the time of your appointment please arrive early for any payments and receive your vaccination.

Some helpful tips about receiving your vaccination:

  • In most cases we do not require a prescription for vaccinations, however some medical conditions require us to have authorization from your prescriber in the form of a prescription.  Call ahead if you have questions.
  • Most insurances pay for the vaccine ingredient as well as the administration fee.  If your insurance does not cover the administration fee it will be assessed at the register prior to vaccination.
  • Please arrive for your vaccination in comfortable clothing that allows easy access to the full shoulder area.  We do not have a private changing area.
  • Please make the vaccinator aware of any other vaccinations you have had recently or plan to have.  In most cases a 14 day window is sufficient in between vaccines.